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Win Trophy was established over 30 years ago in 1986. We have abundant professional experiences in trophy making. We always believe in combining four elements into the vitality of each product: enthusiasm, honesty, quality and creativity. Thus, winners can feel the warmth from the trophies, because we do not just sell the trophies, it is the story that each trophy represents.

A trophy is an affirmation of each winner.  It is evidence that surpasses the word of mouth.  It is something that can be admired and talked about even after retirement. A trophy cannot use words to speak, but it is proof without words.

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The most beautiful moment, in front of you, the more you appreciate this moment,the more understanding you will have of appreciation.


Excellence for you, brand new products, creative items and customized trophies.

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Leading, because we are constantly moving forward with classic style and fantastic design.

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活動目的: 提倡國民運動,給予優質的運動賽事與運動品質 響應母親節感恩活動,於母親節前夕,勇敢說出你對身邊每個人的愛 增進親子感情並朝向幸福家園,透過活動推廣「親子零距離」、「家庭零家暴」。 帶動縣內觀光產業發展,繁榮地方,提昇全民路跑運動之水準。
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Xiong Bao-Song

Xiong Bao-Song

National Athletic Coach

Win-Trophy is a well-known company. I have been chief of physical education and all of the sport events or ceremonies that occur, I always cooperate with Win-Trophy company because I trust them. No matter what product design, development or service, in my mind, they are the best company. Furthermore, they even provide professional suggestions and a high quality which I could never forget. I do believe Win-Trophy should be your first choice.

Yi Wei-Zhen

Yi Wei-Zhen

National Athletic Recorder

I have attended many sports events and each Win Trophy has always made a marvelous trophy that always brings us a big surprise when it is received. No matter what the creative design or the official theme of the sport the trophy is for, the quality of the trophy is always something that is unforgettable. For the kind of trophies we have, we only use the best, which is Win Trophy.

Huang Zheng-Da

Huang Zheng-Da

The CEO of Tainan Starlight Marathon Club

On one occasion I had the chance to cooperate with Win Trophy for a marathon event. In the beginning I had some good ideas, but no one seemed able to produce what I wanted. Win Trophy was able to fully understand what I wanted and produced unforgettable designs. Their trophies are high quality and have great design. For each participant, the trophies were popular. Win Trophy is a youthful, energetic and enthusiastic company. I believe they are the company that you want to work with!

Chen Yi-Shen

Chen Yi-Shen

National Chin-Yi University Professor

Win Trophy was introduced by one of my colleagues. Via well-known word-of-mouth and 30 years of experience, I feel this company is very truthful and trustworthy. They have many experiences with cooperating with sport events, such as the 106 National Sport Events. On the other hand, their special merchandise and customized trophies cannot be found at other stores. They have changed the traditional thinking of what a trophy is. Excellent customer service with passion and joy is the first impression. I highly recommend them to you.

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